America Needs Texas & Texas Needs Houston

The American economy relies on the Texas economy, and the Texas economy relies on the Houston economy. So, maybe we should elect someone to city council who understands how the economy works. Did I mention that I teach economics?

Vote Jonathan Hansen for Houston City Council At-Large Position 4. For a Greater Houston.


America Needs The Texas Economy To Keep On Rolling

by Joel Kotkin

 "In the last decade, Texas emerged as America’s new land of opportunity — if you will, America’s America. Since the start of the recession, the Lone Star State has been responsible for the majority of employment growth in the country. Between November 2007 and November 2014, the United States gained a net 2.1 million jobs, with 1.2 million alone in Texas."

"Houston is now the nation’s largest export hub. The city also is home to the Texas Medical Center, often described as the world’s largest."

"[I]n my mind, the biggest asset of Texas is Texans. Having spent a great deal a time there, the contrasts with my adopted home state of California are remarkable. No businessperson I spoke to in Houston or Dallas is even remotely contemplating a move elsewhere; Houstonians often brag about how they survived the ‘80s bust, wearing those hard times as a badge of honor."

I couldn't agree more.