Do It Right the First Time

We have too much work to do to repair our roads to have to redo work that was completed less than a year ago, and the city of Houston needs to be held accountable to be sure that the repairs we are making will last. It's very frustrating for residents who have put up with the inconveniences attenuating road construction with only the hope of a smooth new street replacing the old one that battered their vehicle on a daily basis to assuage them to then be faced with the same problems such a short time later. Even worse, it is largely a waste of scarce taxpayer dollars that the city is charged with stewarding. 

"The more than $200,000 project [to repair Dunlavy Street between Alabama and Richmond] was completed last June and in less than one year, large dips in the cracks started showing up. Residents are outraged, frustrated and are trying to understand why this road is already having problems so soon after the project ended."

When the city repairs a street it needs to do it right the first time. That would make for a Greater Houston.