Smithsonian: Houston is the Next Great American City


“'The DNA of Houston, ever since it was founded, has been pragmatic: What do we have to do to make money? From the 1860s, we made Houston the railroad hub of the West. Then, to exploit the oil fields, we built the second-biggest port in the U.S., even though it was 50 miles from the sea. The same practical thinking needs to come into play today. How do we turn our diversity to advantage? We invest in education. And we make Houston a more beautiful city, so talented people who can live anywhere will choose to live here.” On that front, voters last November approved a $100 million bond that will be matched by the Houston Parks Board and private donations to create 1,500 acres of green space along the city’s bayous over the next seven years.

"The other issues will be tougher. 'Luckily, in Houston,' [Stephen L. Klineberg, a sociologist and co-director of the Kinder Institute] adds, 'ideology has always been less important than prosperity.'”

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