It's a Sign...

The terrible condition of the Houston city streets are signs of fiscal mismanagement at city hall. They are symptoms of the dual diseases that are the pension crisis and the city's increasingly hostile regulatory environment.

This is a sign you should vote for Jonathan Hansen for Houston City Council At-Large Position 4 to bring fiscal discipline, restraint, and reform to city hall. Houston city government needs to focus on the real issues Houstonians are facing every day - terrible roads, congestion, and crime - instead of issues that are more symbolic than substantive.



Jonathan is the only candidate in the race that has put forward detailed proposals to reform the pension system for the benefit of taxpayers, employees, and pensioners. Likewise, he has proposed an innovative reform aimed at reforming the city's permitting system to stem the flow of businesses exiting the city limits and taking their sales tax revenues with them.

If you believe that free markets and free people would make for a greater Houston, please vote Jonathan Hansen for Houston City Council At-Large Position 4.