Parks, Recreation & Beautification

The city should conduct a comprehensive review of the parks system and explore innovative ways parks around the country - like New York's Bryant Park - are being re-invented by the private sector.

Fewer, bigger, grander parks with better programming that are strategically located and encourage Houstonians to engage in a more active, healthy lifestyle should be prioritized over more numerous, smaller parks scattered haphazardly around the city that provide little public benefit besides serving as a visual reprieve between developments.

Meanwhile, we should seek to line our highways and public thoroughfares with pleasant landscaping instead of billboards.

Finally, we must protect our bayous - the city's greatest natural recreational resources - from being turned into little more than glorified concrete ditches by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Instead, we should see through to completion the plans to turn the bayous into a series of inter-connecting world-class parks that span the city.