Regulations Suffocate Art


"[Houston's] famous lack of zoning is one of the few things Houston offers artists that other cities can't. It's been a defining feature of the city, and one of its main attractions for artists for decades. But this isn't happening anymore. Prosperity has put teeth into Houston code enforcement, whose numerous inspectors now patrol the streets, ready to red-tag any unconventional building activity.

"It's vital that we preserve a loophole for artistic expression on an architectural scale. What once was an opportunity created naturally by low property prices and underfunded city government must now be maintained purposefully if Houston's unique character as a city of artistic entrepreneurship is to continue. As part of the new cultural plan, Houston city Council should create an ordinance making an exception to the building codes for artistic projects."

- Bill Davenport, editor of GlassTire, a website about Texas art.

Houston Chronicle (April 27, 2015)



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