When's Recycling Day? Now There's an App for That!

Congratulations to Houstonian Kenton Gray who was one of three winners in the third annual citywide hackathon event for his iPhone app Rollout! Houston which "allows the app to access [one's] location and then, using the city's trash, lawn clippings and recycling schedule, it loads a tailored monthly calendar. If that's still not sufficient, users can set a reminder alarm, too." ("City hackathon yields app for trash, recycling schedules," by Katherine Driessen, Houston Chronicle, July 2, 2015.)

Mr. Gray's is the first app to come out of the citywide hackathon event, but I am sure others will come up with even more innovative technologies to help improve the way the city delivers services now that he has set the bar for everyone.

When Houstonians are allowed to leverage technology to more efficiently access the benefits of city services, that makes for a greater Houston. It's even more awesome when it is Houstonians who are developing that technology, and it just goes to show how talented Houstonians really are.

Perhaps the city should seek to emulate the success of the hackathon event in other areas to engage Houstonians in improving the way in which the city delivers services and to seek ideas for solving other municipal dilemmas.